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Previous work and completed or ongoing exhibitions. (Click image to enlarge)
Intermezzo with Colorspaces, Vol. 1

As of today, at this point: 25 days, 25 color photographs from the german Rhineland. Until the appearance of my next portfolio. Enjoy the first 25 shots of the typical landscape in the German Lower Rhine (Niederrhein).


The unusual contrast and color spaces emphasize the peculiarities and characteristic of this landform.


All photographs were taken with a special software and special image recording technique, but not processed again later.





Intermezzo with Colorspaces, Vol. 2

The story continous: Volume 2 with 22 new color photographs from the Lower Rhine Area and Easter. 



Intermezzo with Colorspaces, Vol. 3

The last part of the series "Colorspaces".












More information about the Lower Rhine area:


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