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Photography and short cuts.

BEING AND ART - Looking from the outside in.


Video-Portfolio: A subjective contemplation of people in exhibitions and viewing works of art. See complete portfolio at

Death of the centipede (Tausendfüßler) 


The "Tausendfüßler" was a high car street (bridge) in Düsseldorf. This video was made in the last night before his demolition. It´s a kind of hommage, tribute and artistic dispute to this fantastic building. Musik: Winter" von Twilight Sleep 


"The dirt track" 


The metaphor of the way. Trailer of a planned photographic interpretation on the same article of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Music: "Wellenrausch"

"Take My Breath Away"


Artwork & Copyright: Karl R. Thiel

Music: Light Years Away (Doug Maxwell)

"Dance of the molecules"


Video-Artwork: Karl R. Thiel ( Music: Gymnopedie No. 3 Wahneta Meixsell

"The dirt track": 


Music: "O Cristo parola di vita (Feste - Trasfigurazione)" von Coro dei fratelli e sorelle di Bose 

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