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Subjective impressions from the public space. (Click image to enlarge)
HOMELAND (Heimat):
embellished maddening.

January 29, 2014, Short Looking ahead: In a few days will start a new, personal project. It's called "#Homeland" and shows a selection of subjective moments in which it seemed to me that term strange unnatural, unaccustomed or unwanted. "This also is “Homeland”, I thought then, and pressed the shutter. Although it usually was just not a "nice" motif. So do not be familiar, classic view or postcard idyll. Rather photographic notes about what my home is just also: gray everyday coincidences, details, bad weather, oddities, confirmed or unconfirmed prejudices about a country, its people and their aesthetic feelings. Examples of cities and rural areas. Architecture, Still Life, Street Photography, Documentation. The project starts with the first 40 motifs from the 4th February and will initially run until 4th March. That day is celebrated in Germany carnival, to the images that are suitable for all sobriety perhaps understood as a visual plea for more imagination, optimism, humor and serenity.  

CARNIVAL - Excerpt from the Portfolio HOMELAND (Heimat)

"The masks behind the masks."


Special edition: Carnival as a part of the Homeland (Heimat) edition. 

Street carnival parade, last move before Ash Wednesday, the traditional end of the carnival. Duesseldorf, Germany, 2014.

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