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Karl R. Thiel: Photographer, reporter, book printer, army officer, image editor, journalist, advertiser, manager and entrepreneur. Important impulses he learned from the photographers of the photo agency Magnum in Paris in the seventies / eighties, and the work of the "Düsseldorf School" at the end of the nineties.


Born in 1962 in the Rhineland, grew up in a photo-based parents, Karl R. Thiel graduate from the Albrecht-Dürer School and the Technical School of Design in Düsseldorf, studied graphic design and visual communication at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf and worked for many years as a photographer for an international news agency. Since 1988 self-employed as a freelance photographer, also working successfully as a consultant for international advertising agencies and for industrial companies.

His works have received many awards, like the red dot "best of the" best design award, the Best of Corporate Publishing Award or the Annual Multimedia Award, and were published in newspapers and magazines throughout Europe.


Thiel lives in Germany, his photographs undertake the classic photojournalism, straddle the boundary between photographic art and documentation, are direct, honest, relentless. Special moments of everyday life, glances behind the facades, architecture as a mirror of society, landscapes as a reflection of the soul. (B.S.)


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